For many, the automobile is seen as merely a tool or an object of desire. For others, it is a lifestyle, an obsession and something that stirs us emotionally.

Blackbird Automotive was established as a multi-faceted organisation that celebrates all aspects of the motor car. Not only are we engaged in the commerce of automobiles old and new, we celebrate and showcase these amazing machines through hands-on work and through our various publications and channels.

From our Blackbird Heritage Motorworks facility to our publication, Blackbird Automotive Journal, and through our team comprising of experienced, life-long enthusiasts, we hope to share our philosophy on design, passion and the automobile as a medium to all of you around the world. Through building, maintaining, restoring, researching, writing, photographing, recording and sharing stories about these machines, we have developed a true appreciation of the mechanics, precision and engineering that gives credence to the automobile as a cultural icon.

Blackbird Automotive isn’t simply about the automobile as an object of desire. It is a pursuit of excellence and also a search for others who share the same design sensibility and philosophy as we do. I hope you will join us in this movement.

Welcome to Blackbird Automotive.

TK Mak


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Words, visions, thoughts, and updates from the Blackbird Automotive team.

05, Dec 2014


After months of preparation, here we are with our 312T5 (048 ex-Villeneuve) at the Ferrari Finali in Abu Dhabi. It's been a few careful months of planning and prep as we embarked on our mission of bringing Villeneuve's car back to its natural habitat. It's always a pretty nerve wracking experience sending a car out onto the circuit, let alone one of this age and pedigree and as we sit amongst the other F1 cars ranging from Berger's 1995 412 T2 (162) to Alonso's 2010 F10 (283), we can't help but wonder if our old girl is that awkward person at a high school reunion. I think we'll just settle for her being the chaperone.

For live updates from Abu Dhabi, please be sure to follow our @blackbirdautomotive instagram, or our facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/blackbirdautomotive

28, Oct 2014


Over the past week, we've had master Ferrari specialist Andy Greene visit the Heritage Motorworks site to join our team in their inspection and preparation of our 1980 312 T5 (ex Gilles Villeneuve) for its first track excursion at the Yas Marina circuit in the desert metropolis of Abu Dhabi.

Nothing romantic here; just a master at his craft, checking all the pressure readings, fluids, and consumables so we know that it's ready for its maiden run in our care. Stay tuned as the car is loaded up onto the transport and begins the long journey to stretch it legs once more. We can't wait to see this car back in its natural habitat.

If you need a preview - hop onto our instagram feed - http://instagram.com/blackbirdautomotive for a quick video of it breathing into life again. (earplugs optional)

- Frank

09, Oct 2014


Few places are more personal than your workstation.

Each surface placed specifically to offer the perfect amount of feedback, the correct amount of resistance. Each tool designed to excel at its singular purpose…converting each input into forward progress.

A Formula One car provides a bespoke office space for one, designed to receive every input without conscious thought and answer every with impulse with instantaneous feedback.

Lightened and tailor-made…unseen and only felt, each pedal becomes an extension of the driver’s optic nerves and cerebral cortex. Form from function, with failure not an option.

Welcome to Gilles Villeneuve’s office, circa. 1980.

- Richard

06, Oct 2014


After campaigning this 330GT in last year's classic London to Lisboa rally, our client brought this car back to Hong Kong and into our Heritage Motorworks space for a health check and tune-up. We ended up replacing his V12 valvetrain and giving it a light tune - issues he began to notice out on the road during the rally. Now the car purrs along, ready for its next challenge.

Owning and driving a classic automobile is no small feat - they require a strict regiment of training and rehabilitation, but that's really half the fun, isn't it?

- Frank

22, Sep 2014


I believe it was master Ferrari restoration specialist Andy Greene who once told us that we never truly own these cars - we are merely custodians of these items as they pass through the halls of history, passing them from one pair of trusted hands to another.

Nevertheless, it's always an interesting exercise peering back into the past. On a recent history dig, we found this - rally legend Heinz-Walter Schewe, campaigning the M471 '73 2.7 RS Lightweight we currently have in our inventory during its competition career spanning 1974-1977. He won the overall German Rally Championship in this very car in 1976, after which he kept it in his possession until 2014.

Thanks for letting us take care of it Herr Schewe.

- Frank

19, Sep 2014


Gallardo's decade-long run has finally come to an end to make way for its successor, the Lamborghini Huracan. We grabbed the first chance to drive this 610hp monster and it took off like a jet as we sped along the Eastern Corridor, quite as expected. But it was the bull's angry 'red eyes' that amused me -- It changes from white to red each time I turn on the trafficators! Truly amazing LED application.

- Norman

17, Sep 2014


A quick peek inside our engine assembly room, where the final touches have just been torqued into place for a client's complete rebuild of a 2.9L V8 for his Ferrari 308 GTS.

Open heart surgery complete - time for the paddles to come out to kickstart this cavallino back into life.

(and yes, we like to keep things relatively tidy around here.)

- Frank

15, Sep 2014


I've always found it curious how automobiles evoke certain memories or bring up an immediate association to something absolutely unrelated.

Like, say, this automobile. You can talk about the Fioravanti design, gated shifter, dry sump mid-mounted V8, and how this car’s lines and curves truly represented the 70’s Sport Prototipo styling giving birth to the likes of the 288 GTO. But really, the only thing that this reminds me of is... Magnum PI. And you know what? I didn’t even watch the show. This is the true power of the automobile as a cultural icon; its ability to somehow steal the limelight wherever it goes.

Nevertheless, it's always an exciting time when a new car arrives for our ever-changing vehicle inventory.

A concours-winning fibreglass (GRP) body RHD 1977 308 GTB, #20035 arriving at the Heritage Motorworks facility next week.

Much more on this in our Inventory section soon. Stay tuned.

- Frank

12, Sep 2014


The Ferrari F50 has been called an “F1 car dressed as a road car”.
The shape was not styled; it is stretched over the F1-like mechanicals, with no more volume than needed to cover them.
Viewing its dimpled Rosso Corsa bodywork, with its cross-laid carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and Nomex honeycomb core sandwich construction, even at a micro level, reveals the honesty and the inherent beauty of Pininfarina’s pure design approach.

- Richard

05, Sep 2014


... a packet of skittles.

- Frank

01, Sep 2014


We’ve just returned from Tokyo where we had the privilege of shooting this rather interesting automobile - fashion designer Sin Takizawa’s Ardun-equipped ’32 Ford Roadster. It’s pretty easy to assume we are only interested in certain marques here - but really, we appreciate all types of automobiles; especially those who evidently had a lot of care placed in their build. This particular project took Shin eight whopping years from acquirement to completion. It might just seem like any other roadster rod at first glance, but the details are mind-blowing… not to mention he drops his kids off at kindergarten in this
"casual driver.

He asked us why we wanted to shoot his car when we were on site inside his garage last week. My answer - “If you ask me to do anything for 8 years… you’d best believe I really like whatever the hell that is.”

Keep an eye out for the feature in Vol. 5 in a few months, and online.

- Frank

21, Aug 2014


It’s always a daunting experience kicking off a project car. Timeframes, the ever spiralling out of control budget, headaches, the inevitable parts that just-don’t-fit. Then again, there’s some kind of excitement and thrill behind seeing something in real life transform from a thought inside your head.

This is #BHM911, “Der Neuer Klassiker”. We’ve selected the 964 C2 - arguably the black sheep of the Porsche 911 family to really go to work on here. Right now, it’s sitting inside our dialogue build bay as naked as the day it entered this world.

There’s more in Vol 4. of Blackbird Automotive Journal - but just to whet your appetite for the next update in Vol 5, here’s a… well, “update”.


- Frank

20, Aug 2014


It takes a classic Ferrari 275GTB to bring perspective to contemporary automobile design. The
long nose, the teardrop greenhouse, the rear fender hips, the louvers, the kicked-up tail. Most if not
all of these characteristics have found their way into the super cars we see today. Few, however
captured the public’s imagination as this vehicle, in what seems eons ago in 1964. Its that style, that panache that commands our admiration for a design that just seems “right” then, and still does today.

- Richard

20, Aug 2014


Air, the original element. it flows, it swirls: left to its own devices, air remains free and
unpredictable. A racing car is all about control; its speed depends its grip of the track and its
harnessing of the air. Technology fused with the elements delivers art.

Here light plays with surfaces meant to control the nearly uncontrollable.