For many, the automobile is seen as merely a tool or an object of desire. For others, it is a lifestyle, an obsession and something that stirs us emotionally.

Blackbird Automotive was established as a multi-faceted organisation that celebrates all aspects of the motor car. Not only are we engaged in the commerce of automobiles old and new, we celebrate and showcase these amazing machines through hands-on work and through our various publications and channels.

From our Blackbird Heritage Motorworks facility to our publication, Blackbird Automotive Journal, and through our team comprising of experienced, life-long enthusiasts, we hope to share our philosophy on design, passion and the automobile as a medium to all of you around the world. Through building, maintaining, restoring, researching, writing, photographing, recording and sharing stories about these machines, we have developed a true appreciation of the mechanics, precision and engineering that gives credence to the automobile as a cultural icon.

Blackbird Automotive isn’t simply about the automobile as an object of desire. It is a pursuit of excellence and also a search for others who share the same design sensibility and philosophy as we do. I hope you will join us in this movement.

Welcome to Blackbird Automotive.

TK Mak


BLACKBIRD Heritage Motorworks

Unit 11, G/F,18 Ka Yip Street,

Chai Wan, Hong Kong

(Entry by Appointment Only)

tel (+852) 2881 8805

fax (+852) 2881 8003

email [email protected]


Blackbird Heritage Motorworks represents our exclusive automotive atelier located in Hong Kong, where our specialist team of automotive technicians service, rebuild and restore both collector and classic sports cars to standards exceeding the highest expectations of any owner.


With over a hundred combined years of bespoke experience servicing and preserving automobiles at its highest levels, our team also provides a wide-ranging set of additional signature Heritage services including factory-approved diagnostic services, complete interior and exterior cosmetic care and restoration, “clean-room standard” temperature and humidity-controlled storage, and personalised request fulfilment, all from within our state-of-the-art facility.


Further, we offer our exclusive Blackbird Registry Program, which combines archival preservation of restoration, servicing, and photographic documentation of exceptional and historic cars for their owners now, and in the future.

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For further enquiries, please contact
[email protected]